Pick Boxes

The quest for the ultimate pick box


It always seemed like a shame to mix my beautifully crafted picks with spare change in my pocket so early on i set out to craft the ultimate pick boxes: things of beauty and practicality. Over the years different design directions emerged but all are fueled by the desire of a minimal and practical high-end object taking design cues from boutique guitar lutherie. My boxes all fit in the little jeans pocket and can be customised to hearts content with precious woods, inlays, purflings, bindings and engravings.

Currently I have 5 designs on offer:

The Drop Top

flamedmaple_pickboxOpen_boutique_guitarpick_norgbPictured here in flamed maple and mahogany with a buffalo edge hinge and brass magnetic catch.

The Pill


Barely bigger than the picks it contains this little box holds 1-3 Stadler Custom Picks. Many variations are possible…

The Hi-Fi

This high end version of the Vintage comes in mahogany and african blackwood only. The brass magnetic catch keeps up to 10 picks secure.


The Vintage

nuPickbox_2016_IMG_2959This simple little beauty is for standard and smaller sized picks and can hold up to 10 picks. The wood is only oiled with pure linseed oil and has a silky feel. nuPickbox_2016_IMG_2960

The Standard

8 magnets hold this little beauty securely shut. It can hold up to 10 picks and comes in a variety of woods.


There are of course many variations on these themes and there is always plenty of room for customisation and personalisation.

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